Sunday, April 29, 2007

How about a new religion?

What do we need to start a new religion?
  • A set of common beliefs?
  • Some morals?
  • A good outcome for adherence?
  • A bad outcome for not following?
  • A rationale for non believers to convert?
That's a good start.

I suppose that as a result of all this we may find some consequences;
Proponents and adherents of other beliefs might be vilified.
Those who won't convert may be ostracized.
Believers will probably ignore or fight against any rational argument that defies their beliefs.

Now, to fill in the blanks:
Name of religion: Global warming caused by humans.
The belief: That human consumption of oil and coal is causing the earth to get warmer.
The morals: Humans should minimize their reliance on energy from oil and coal.
The good: If everyone converts and practices this religion the earth will be saved.
The bad: Failure to convert enough people 'in time' will cause the demise of the planet.
Reason to convert: If you don't convert you will be part of the cause of the demise of the planet.
Best practice: Suicide. (all humans have a carbon footprint)

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