Sunday, April 29, 2007

How about a new religion?

What do we need to start a new religion?
  • A set of common beliefs?
  • Some morals?
  • A good outcome for adherence?
  • A bad outcome for not following?
  • A rationale for non believers to convert?
That's a good start.

I suppose that as a result of all this we may find some consequences;
Proponents and adherents of other beliefs might be vilified.
Those who won't convert may be ostracized.
Believers will probably ignore or fight against any rational argument that defies their beliefs.

Now, to fill in the blanks:
Name of religion: Global warming caused by humans.
The belief: That human consumption of oil and coal is causing the earth to get warmer.
The morals: Humans should minimize their reliance on energy from oil and coal.
The good: If everyone converts and practices this religion the earth will be saved.
The bad: Failure to convert enough people 'in time' will cause the demise of the planet.
Reason to convert: If you don't convert you will be part of the cause of the demise of the planet.
Best practice: Suicide. (all humans have a carbon footprint)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Therme Vals

One of the most wonderful experiences I've enjoyed has been to visit the spa at Thereme Vals.

Vals is a little town in the canton Graub√ľnden of Switzerland. More notorious locations of Graub√ľnden would be StMoritz, Davos, Flims and Klosters. Vals instead is a pleasant little secret hidden at the end of a valley, reached through narrow roads winding their way up a steep alpine vista. It is the location of a thermal mineral water spring which is enjoyed around Switzerland in the form of bottled mineral water called 'Valser' but can be enjoyed much more in the form of a spa in an insiring building by architect Peter Zumthor.

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Sketches of Frank Gehry

I've just seen "Sketches of Frank Gehry" which is a really nice little insight into the work and mind of Frank Gehry.

Sydney Pollack has put together a documentary which gives a lot more than the average magazine article would. Conversations with clients critics and even his therapist. Pollack, who declares his ignorance of architecture, opens Gehry's world in a bid to discover and explore.

Regardless of your preferences for architecture you have to admire the courage, sometimes verging on foolishness, of Gehry to not only propose his grandiose visions but then to bring them to fruition and deliver them. He has now become fashionable in some circles, probably an outcast in others, but works like Bilbao could have been an absolute disaster and many others would not have attempted them.

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Future of eco-buildings

I've seen the future, a greener, more comfortable future. Follow this link to a story of a Council building in Melbourne, Australia.

This building uses a fraction of the energy and resources of typical buildings while providing the inhabitants with a better environment to be in.

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Virginia Tech. Who's to blame?

Seung-Hui Cho took the lives of 32 people at Virginia Tech and many are looking for something to blame. Most of those wanting to pin the blame on something have an interest in lengthening and widening the sad story, politicians and the media.

The media has already told us that Cho was a loner, aren't they all? Mass murderers, that is, are not usually described as outgoing, extraverts, the life of the party, always surrounded by friends.

So who is to blame? What about a maladjusted young man with no support group whom society allowed to become disillusioned and bitter, who was legally sold an armory which allowed him to express his pain and anger in a devastating outburst.

Oh no, it must be video games, gun laws, liberalism or whatever keeps the story going and puts the focus on some subject that helps promote someone's self interest. This story is just a tool to sell papers, ad-space or promote some politicians stature. But none of this will stop it happening again because the majority of the population will get drawn into these empty arguments and miss the point that a lonely, hurt, depressed person somewhere who has no friends and no vision for their future may be plotting the next massacre next door to them.

Be a friend to the lonely, help them find their life before they find a solution in annihilation.

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